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Disney Chat With Pixie Dust Fan

Oct 21, 2020

On podcast episode 67 Carrie and Fran discuss all sorts of Disney news. They share their thoughts on the rally at Disneyland, the disclaimers on Disney Plus movies and the new Walt Disney World 50th logo.

There is some talk about the best Haunted Mansion merchandise out there, Carrie and Fran are both debating if they...

Oct 14, 2020

Is Disneyland opening?  How are we staying positive?  This years pin event is virtual?

We have all sorts of opinions, discussion and information on this episode of the podcast.  From how to support cast members to Carrie's theory about the Governor of California working for Disney, we talk about it all!

Show Notes:


Oct 7, 2020

Would you rather?

Carrie and Francine are taking a BuzzFeed quiz that is titled "The Hardest "Would You Rather" Quiz A True Disneyland Fan Could Ever Take" .  In this episode they share the 'why' behind their answers to all 13 questions.

The questions to "Would you rather"

  1. Never ride Splash Mountain again? Or never...

Sep 30, 2020

What is a theme park warrior?

A theme park warrior visits the parks with intent and energy for a FULL day every day!  They waste no time sitting around like Carrie and Francine do!

On this episode we explore Disney's Magic Kingdom with a real park warrior, our friend Anna.

Show Notes and References:

Find Anna on

Sep 23, 2020

We had too many questions that we had to do a second episode to get through them all. How many t-shirts in my collection? We answer that and more!


Dustins' questions that we answered:

1) Just a many dole whips or LeFous brews have you had?

2) Ultimate disney dining day...Breakfast, lunch,...